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COFCO’s unique advantages in global distribution, fully-integrated value chain, and agricultural innovations, as well as its seat in the world’s largest emerging market make it one of the world’s leading agribusinesses, ready to build even more stable food corridors between the major production areas and the emerging markets.


Founded in 1949, COFCO Corporation (COFCO) is the leader of the agricultural and food industry in China, and one of the world's leading agri-product traders with global footprints and fully-integrated value chain.


COFCO takes agri-products as our core business, focusing on including grain, oil, sugar, cotton, meat and dairy products, as well as food, finance, and real estate as three major complementary businesses.


As of the end of 2021, COFCO boasted total assets of RMB 686.0 billion, overall operating income of RMB 664.9 billion, and total profit RMB 23.8 billion in 2021.


COFCO continuously improves the layout of our grain business assets, enhances our operations in agriculture commodities and strengthens integration of upstream and downstream in terms of origination, storage, processing, transportation and trading, to safeguard G&O supply in efficient and market-oriented way.


On the global stage, COFCO has been actively expanding the overseas markets, continuously improving G&O logistics and storage capacity worldwide to ensure stable overseas supply chain. Now, we have established a global agriculture trade and logistics network covering major production and sales regions, and been engaged in the origination, storage, processing, transportation and trade of agricultural commodities such as grains, oils & oilseeds, sugar, meat and cotton, etc.. A stable corridor between the major grain producing regions such as South America and the Black Sea as well as the emerging markets in Asia has been set up. Currently, over 50% of COFCO’s revenue comes from overseas business and our total global annual business volume of agriculture commodity is more than twice of that of China’s annual imports.


In China, COFCO is the major importer and exporter of soybean, wheat, corn, sugar and other agricultural products. COFCO has an annual processing capacity of over 95 million tons and provides products covering all the main categories of daily consumption to Chinese consumers.


In the meantime, COFCO is one of the leaders in oil crushing industry,one of the largest rice processers and traders, wheat millers and cotton traders, and technological leader in deep processing of corn in China. COFCO’s annual sugar imports account for about 50% of China’s total imports. COFCO is also China's leading meat enterprise and dairy product supplier with fully-integrated value chain.


COFCO is a producer of high-quality food products and a creator of prime brands. COFCO’s well-known brands including Fortune, Greatwall, Mengniu, Jiugui, Xiangxue, Chinatea and Joycome, present sales outlets in more than 90% of China’s prefecture-level cities. COFCO is also the cradle of the first bottle of dry red wine and dry white wine, as well as the first stated-owned tea company of the People’s Republic of China. In order to serve people’s better life, COFCO also provides bottling and packaging services for Coca-Cola and other world-renowned food and beverage brands, hosts the largest and most professional Food and Drinks Fair in China and establishes a professional E-Commerce platform for food products.


Based on the agriculture and food industry chain, COFCO provides financial support tailored for agricultural development, develops financial business chains such as trust, futures, insurance, and fund to integrate industry and finance, and serve agriculture, rural and farmers. 


COFCO facilitates urban upgrades and service improvement with its business covering shopping malls, residential buildings, industrial parks, hotels, office buildings, and other fields. Among them, the commercial real estate brand “Joy City” shopping mall leads China’s new department store formats in more than 10 first-tier cities.


COFCO has steadily promoted the reform as a state-owned capital investment company, innovated market-oriented systems and mechanisms, and established 17 specialized subsidiaries based on their core products, namely: COFCO International, COFCO Trading, COFCO Grains & Cereals, COFCO Oils & Oilseeds, COFCO Biotechnology, COFCO Sugar, Chinatex, COFCO Engineering & Technology, COFCO Wines & Spirits, COFCO Coca-Cola, COFCO Joycome, China Tea, Mengniu Dairy, Womai.COM, CPMC, COFCO Capital and Grandjoy Holdings.


As an investment holding company, COFCO owns 16 listed companies, with 9 listed in Hong Kong, namely China Foods (00506.HK), CPMC Holdings (00906.HK), Mengniu Dairy (02319. HK), Joy City Property Ltd. (00207.HK), COFCO Joycome Foods Limited (01610.HK), Fountain Set (00420. HK), Yashili International (01230.HK), China Modern Dairy (01117.HK), China Shengmu Organic Milk(01432.HK); and with 6 listed in Mainland China:COFCO Sugar (600737.SH), Miao Ke Lan Duo(600882.SH), COFCO Biotechnology (000930.SZ), Grandjoy Holdings (000031.SZ), Jiugui Liquor Co. Ltd. (000799.SZ),  COFCO Capital (002423.SZ) and COFCO ET (301058.SZ).


In the future, COFCO will continue to focus on our core businesses, and speed up on our way to the world’s leading grain trader and food producer by promoting high-quality development along with boosting agricultural and rural modernization.


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