COFCO Capital

COFCO Capital Investment Co., Ltd. (COFCO Capital) is a COFCO subsidiary specializing in managing and operating comprehensive and professional financial businesses, including futures, trust, life insurance, banking, industrial investment funds and insurance brokerage services. COFCO Capital leverages COFCO’s industrial chain and endeavors to support COFCO’s development with a sound financial services chain.

COFCO Futures has always maintained a leading position in the futures market for staple agricultural commodities. Its open interests in soybeans, soybean oil, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, sugar, and other crops have long ranked among the top five in the Exchange. Over 20% of the trading in agricultural futures market is performed by COFCO Futures.

COFCO Trust is an integral part of the agribusiness ecosystem. It functions as an investment bank for the agricultural business with major services including supply chain management, land circulation trust, agricultural equity investment, and consumption trust.

AVIVA-COFCO Life provides customers with quality life insurance services and comprehensive coverage. It is top-tier among joint-venture life insurance companies in terms of scale and profitability.

Longjiang Bank promotes the efficiency of the agricultural supply chain through innovative services such as “farmer-benefit” loans, land rights mortgages, inventory financing, and the Grain Bank.

COFCO Agricultural Industrial Investment Funds aims to provide guidance for both domestic and foreign investment in the agri-business area. Its mission is in line with government policies of agriculture and healthy food, and COFCO’s strategic development plan.

Aon-COFCO Insurance Brokerage has become the industry’s leading company and provides services such as risk management and employee benefits to every business sector of COFCO. It has also been instrumental in helping Chinese enterprises expand their businesses abroad.

COFCO Capital (Hong Kong) , COFCO Shenzhen Trading Services and COFCO Futures (International) aim to provide integrated international financial and asset management services by exploring cross-border financial business and cross-border futures business.

COFCO Capital will continue to explore other financial sectors to further support and complement COFCO’s core business.

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