COFCO Meat Holdings Limited is a meat business platform under COFCO Corporation. The main businesses of the Company include feed production, hog production, slaughtering and cutting, production, distribution and sales of fresh pork and processed meat products, import and distribution of meat products (including pork, beef, poultry and mutton).

      COFCO Meat (Stock Code: 01610.HK) as a leading meat enterprise with operations covering the integrated value chain in China, providing consumers with high-quality meat products. From farming to table, the Company has established more than 90 high-standard ecological modern hog production bases, 3 modern slaughtering and processing bases, and 3 modern processed meat product plants throughout the country. From 2014 to 2019, the hog production capacity of the Company has grown steadily from 1,590 thousand heads to 5,024 thousand heads, achieving more than 200% of expansion and becoming one of the leading companies in the hog production industry. 

      Our two brands “Joycome” and “Maverick” have strictly carried out "safety with five checks" policy to produce meat product with space standard quality, holding the leading position in fresh pork and meat product industry. As “Partner of China Space” and “Guaranteed Preparation Product for Competition by National Team Athletes of National Sports Training Center (NSTC) authorized by the Training Bureau of the General Administration of Sport, “Joycome” and “Maverick” supply pork products to national teams, provincial sports units and teams, and are committed to provide consumers with safe, reliable, healthy, nutritious and high-quality meat.

CONTACT:  ircofcomeat@cofco.com

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