Engaged in domestic and international sugar production, imports, refining, sales & trade, warehouse & logistics, and tomato products manufacturing, COFCO Sugar offers strong support for domestic sugar supply.

COFCO Sugar has the complete industrial layout and full industrial chain domestically and overseas. Our business includes sugar production, imports, refining, domestic sales & trade, warehouse & logistics, and national reserve management.

COFCO Sugar has the responsibility of ensuring domestic supply as a state-owned enterprise. Tully, the lagest singal sugar mill in Australia, is capable of producing 300 thousand tons raw sugar every year.

As for domestic sugar production, COFCO Sugar aims to grow into the biggest sugar production company domestically during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. We will also actively support domestic cane planting and sugar processing development.

In terms of imports and refining, COFCO Sugar’s import volume accounts for about 50% of China’s total sugar import volume. With 1.5 million tons of refining capacity at the port, COFCO sugar’s oversea sugar resources are well situated for the domestic market.

COFCO Sugar is one of the largest sugar traders in China. We owns 24 warehouses with 2 million tons of storage capacity located in all major sugar sales areas, providing full coverage of logistics and storage services for domestic sugar trade players.

COFCO Sugar’s tomato processing capacity ranks No.1 in China and No.2 in the world. We mainly engage in the production and export of bulk tomato paste, though the company is also involved in tomato planting, tomato product production, and lycopene products production, etc.

We have built a fully integrated industrial chain that which involves tomato seed R&D, tomato processing, deep processing and sales. The annual capacity of our 20 tomato companies has reached 400,000 tons.

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