Founded in 2009, COFCO womai is the first large vertical food e-commerce platform in China, with its position as an e-commerce platform operator for COFCO brands and imported brands by COFCO. Relying on COFCO’s global layout, it is committed to providing healthy, delicious, convenient and pleasant food and intimate services to its customers at home and abroad.

       As e-commerce platform operator for COFCO brands and imported brands by COFCO, , COFCO womai serves the emerging middle class families with COFCO Manufacturing + COFCO Optimization service concept. Excellent raw materials through international trade and effective supplier control, 7C quality and safety rest assured chain management system are our optimal choices for food safety; Continuous research and innovation for high-quality product solutions is our core driving force; Processing facilities in both home and abroad as well as COFCO’s processing plants, and domestic excellent OEM factories are our sources for high-quality products; Online and offline channels including womai.com, catering, supermarkets and enterprise procurements are our access to deliverhigh-quality global cuisine to every consumer. 

       COFCO womai will adhere to high-quality development, build the global industrial chain with good products and strive to become the most professional and influential food e-commerce industry leader. At the same time, through the industrial value chain integrating importers, franchisers, retailers and service providers COFCO Womai achieves mutually beneficial value synergy.

WEBSITE:   www.cofcowomai.com
CONTACT:  +86(10)-57371500

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