China’s first large-scale consumer-oriented online food retailer, is characterized by its selection of high-quality fresh fruits and vegetables, imported foods, and private-label products, becoming the preferred online food shopping center for emerging middle-class families.

WOMAI.COM is committed to being China’s most professional and safe online food retailer. With professional development and high quality characteristics as its core, WOMAI.COM has implemented a vertical supply chain and adaptive management to optimize product structures and bolster its goods.

WOMAI.COM has been building a “mobile vegetable market,” and creating the first fresh & frozen-commodities network management model, which covers over 300 cities nationwide. WOMAI.COM solved the “last mile” delivery distribution problem with its entire cold-chain logistics system.

WOMAI.COM continues to vigorously simplify its supply chain at home and abroad to meet consumers’ needs. WOMAI.COM creates flat channels that run straight from overseas origin to consumers in China. With the help of COFCO’s Imported Food Marketing Platform and global supply chain, WOMAI.COM continues to strengthen its competitive edge in non-standard global products purchasing.

WOMAI.COM’s private-label products architecture is becoming more comprehensive, with a variety of categories such as fresh fruits and vegetables, grain and oil, snacks, dairy products, and tea as well as other beverage. A group of private-label product brands have now become widely recognized quality brands, such as SUNSIDES, Smart Time, You Cai, and CHUCUI.

WOMAI.COM has a high quality and stable supply chain. Being a part of the COFCO family gives WOMAI.COM access to a global supply chain and rich professional supply chain resources. Additionally, WOMAI.COM utilizes an excellent storage and distribution infrastructure network, which currently includes 6 warehousing logistics centers and wide distribution coverage of the Chinese mainland.

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