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COFCO Bringing Fortune to Chinese Consumers Release Time : 2012-03-20

During the 16th Tianjin Investment and Trade Fair, COFCO showcased Fortune, its premium edible oil brand, to Chinese consumers as safe and nutritious.

COFCO’s Fortune was cast a spotlight by fair visitors and also attracted the attention of Mr. Zhang Gaoli who is a central government official visiting the fair. Mr. Patrick Yu, COFCO’s Vice President, made a brief presentation to Mr. Zhang about Fortune edible oil and COFCO’s whole chain model to which Mr. Zhang held affirmative.

COFCO’s whole chain model adopted its edible oil business means that COFCO guarantees quality from raw material supply to end user consumption. Each and every link is subject to stringent quality control and traceable. “The most impressive is Made In China shows a brand new look. I believe it’s gonna change how the world sees it,” a US exhibitor said.

In 2008, COFCO’s Fortune and other edible oil brands produced a sales record of 531,000 tons and HK$ 6.512 billion, an increase of 23.2% and 56.6% respectively compared with last year. And Fortune’s market share rocketed.

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