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China Agri Honoured Directors Of The Year Awards 2009 Excellent Corporate Governance Recognised Release Time : 2012-03-20

Hong Kong, 24 November 2009 – China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited (“China Agri” or “the Company”; Stock Code: 606.HK), a leading producer and supplier of processed agricultural products in China, is pleased to announce that the Company was presented the Directors Of The Year Awards 2009 – “Listed Companies (SEHK – Non Hang Seng Index Constituents) – Boards category” by The Hong Kong Institute of Directors (“HKIoD”), to recognise its achievements in demonstrating exemplary high standards in corporate governance.

Organised in its ninth year, the award is established to recognise outstanding boards and directors, publicise the significance of good corporate governance and promote directors’ professionalism.  The panel of judges and honorary selection consultants reviewed China Agri’s nomination, based on the board composition, skill mix and competencies of directors, effectiveness in strategic corporate business functions, development and implementation of strategic plans and monitoring of performance, managing compliance and accountability, managing change, risk and succession, development of the board, effectiveness of board committees, business ethics and other achievements in corporate governance.

The panel of judges commented that the Board of Directors of China Agri is composed of dedicated members who possess substantial experience and knowledge in the industry and have contributed actively in steering the company’s development in the right direction. The Board is applauded for its policies in internal controls and risk management with special attention to director training, particularly in light of changes in legal, regulatory and compliance matters.  A dynamic, cohesive board characterized by good corporate culture and high integrity, it merits the Award as an outstanding board.

With only 2.5 years of listing on the Stock Exchange, China Agri has been committed to maintaining and improving the quality of corporate governance so as to ensure better transparency and protection of shareholders’ interest in general.  The Board of Directors believes that good corporate governance practices are vital for maintaining and promoting investor confidence and for long-term growth of the Company.

Maximizing shareholder value is the top priority of China Agri.  China Agri will continue to enhance its standards of corporate governance to safeguard the interests of shareholders and to enhance corporate value and accountability.

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