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COFCO Starting Online Food Shopping Business Release Time : 2012-03-20

COFCO’s online food store started business at www.womai.com on August 18.

China’s online shopping business develops rapidly recent years, with 2008’s total transaction value of RMB 130 billion. More and more people are developing the habit of online food shopping. B2C food websites witness big business opportunities.

COFCO, relying on its strengths and position, has laid solid foundations for developing its own B2C online food shopping platform, investing in www.womai.com from 2008, which boasts its size, safety and variety. Goods are delivered directly to consumers’ home, very convenient.

For now, the web store offers a wide variety of food like leisure foods and beverages, grains and edible oils, baby foods, wines and liquors, tea, and seasonings, of both COFCO brands and the imported. The web store will make product innovation to consumers’ demand and even tailor its product design to specific consumer groups, based on analyzing consumers’ shopping behaviors. For new product promotion, such links as distributors and retailers can be cut, and shelf fees can be saved. Consumers can see new products directly online.

With its August kickoff, the online food store will speed up complete coverage of the Beijing market and expansion into Shanghai, Guangzhou and other metropolises.

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