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Shenyang Joy City was Opened Release Time : 2012-03-20

On April 30, 2011, Shenyang Joy City was opened. And the openning ceremony of the 1st Youth Festival was also held in Shenyang Joy City at the same day. As a new landmark, Shenyang Joy City will pioneer and lead a new business model, offering modern and fashionable lifestyle to Shenyang citizens.

The theme of the 1st Youth Festival was Innovation Driven Life. There were a series of innovative activities. Trucks were assembled into Transformers. 20 well-known designers from Chinese I-Mart which is the most famous one in China showed their hottest products. Animation characters walked on stilts...

Shenyang Joy City consists of four zones. It will build up a very positive image in trend, variety and completeness. The four zones will create strong synergy in offering differentiated services and shopping experience.

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