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Great Wall Wine Got on 2007 List of Chinese Business Technology Top 100 Release Time : 2012-03-20

Information Week released 2007 list of Chinese Business Technology Top 100 on November 1, 2007. COFCO Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd. ranks 32nd on the list.

Appraisal of Chinese Business Technology Top 100 follows strictly the method and procedure of American Information Week 500. Over 6,000 businesses joined the 10-month-long survey. The campaign is the third in row since 2005. It is also an annual survey report on how companies apply innovative business technology to promote development and improve management.

The listing of COFCO Great Wall Wine showed its capability to apply business technology, to think in an innovative way, and to adopt new method and strategy of combining business and technology.

Most businesses on the list this year are in manufacturing, financial and computer services. Thanks to reasonable technology investment and application, efficiency in businesses has been dramatically increased.

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