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COFCO Beverage Holds Share in Coca-Cola Non-Carbonated Drinks Base Release Time : 2012-03-20

COFCO-Coca-Cola (COFCO Beverage) and Coca-Cola have reached an agreement that COFCO Beverage is going to buy 21% of Coca-Cola Bottlers Manufacturing Holdings Limited (CCBMH) share.

When transaction finished, COFCO Beverage will hold 21% of CCBMH; Swire, Coca-Cola’s other bottlers, will hold 41% and Coca-Cola the rest 38%. The new structure enables Coca-Cola’s two major bottlers--COFCO and Swire--to make direct investment into production and distribution of non-carbonated drinks in China, which is believed beneficial to business and benefits for both Coca-Cola and its bottlers.

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