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COFCO Donated another RMB 3 Million Living Materials to Hunan Release Time : 2012-03-20

COFCO donated another RMB 3 million living materials including edible oil and grain to Hunan on February 15 after a donation of 2 million RMB days ago.

COFCO Chairman Frank Ning and President Patrick Yu went to Hunan for the donation. Mr. Yu passed on the donation bulletin to Mr. Wang Keying, official in Hunan and gave an encouraging speech, “As an SOE under the State Council, COFCO is willing to take our social responsibility. We’re very aware of our mission and we’re ready to assist the government and people in face of any difficulty. COFCO has strategic cooperation with Hunan; COFCO stand by Hunan people in front of the snow storm. We’re determined to combat the natural disaster with Hunan people and have a final win in the reconstruction afterwards.”

COFCO started to organize the collection and transportation of living materials before Chinese Spring Festival. COFCO-Coca-Cola (Hunan), COFCO Rice (Jiangxi), Wuhan Jojok, COFCO Oilseeds Processing, COFCO Flour Milling were working overtime for days during the Festival and successfully managed to transport the living materials to Changsha Hunan from all around the country.

After the donation ceremony, the living materials will be delivered to Binzhou, Huaihua and Xiangxi, three most severely hit areas by the storm.

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