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"Zicai"(Vitoil) Makes "China Annual List of Newest and Best" Release Time : 2012-03-20
The selections for "New Weekly" magazine's "2005 Grand Inventory·China Annual List of the Newest and Best" were announced December 11, 2005. "Zicai" natural vegetable oil, produced by a COFCO company, was included on the list and won a prize for health products making a major contribution to improving people's lives. "Zicai" (Vitoil), which has already been recognized by the Beijing Diaoyutai State Hotel as the official vegetable oil for banquets held there, has now been recognized by another authoritative body.

"Zicai" is a brand of high-quality, natural vegetable oils that COFCO is now strongly promoting. The line includes safflower oil, walnut oil and camellia oil, all of which use all natural raw materials. The oils are produced by pressing the raw materials and refining the resultant oil using international level production technology.

The "China Annual List of the Newest and Best" was established in 2001 and is based on media attention, expert opinion and innovativeness. It is an important platform for understanding mainstream trends and the orientation of changes in society through the selection of the most valuable people and things for the year. The theme for this year's list was "The New New China".
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