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COFCO's New Face: A Clarion Call for a Reshaped Society Release Time : 2012-03-20

On October 18, COFCO officially launched a colorful, three-dimensional new logo combining "heaven, earth, people and sunlight". The new logo will replace the simple green logo that has been used for the past 13 years.

Ata media conference entitled "New Logo, New Energy and New COFCO", Ning Gaoning, chairman of COFCO, expressed that this change is aimed at delivering the new enterprise philosophy "Nature Shapes Us" and creating a "Boundless COFCO" company culture in a bid to highlight COFCO's image.

However, this logo change is just a preface to a broader agenda.

COFCO plans to promote harmonious relations between mankind and nature. The next step is to replace the foreign trade-driven business model with a customer and market-oriented management system. This dynamic company culture will shape COFCO into one of the most enterprising and powerful businesses in China's grains, oils and food industry.

Designed by Enterprise IG, the new logo is a three-dimensional hexagon shaped to resemble a solar flare. The logo is a combination of heaven, earth and life, illustrating COFCO's philosophy: follow the rules of nature to create harmony between mankind and nature; nature will shape us, our lives and even our society.

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