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Great Wall Wine Celebrate Success of Chinese Gold Medal Winners Release Time : 2012-03-20

An event of “Dream Starts” organized by Chinese Olympic Committee was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on August 6. Great Wall wine, the exclusive wine supplier to Beijing Olympic Games, made a commitment to give each Chinese Gold Medal winner one oak barrel of COFCO wine to celebrate their success.

Mr. Qu Zhe, Assistant President of COFCO and Managing Director of COFCO Wine, said Olympic champions are among the best representatives of human being, as other leaders in various fields and industries; COFCO hopes to promote the value of respecting elites and endorsing self-challenge through such a special celebration action.

Wine has joined Olympic Games for a long time. Back in ancient Olympic Games, Greeks presented wine to winners as an approval for their excellent performance. Following the tradition, COFCO has prepared 100 select oak barrels of wine for Chinese gold medal winners from Beijing Olympic Games, wishing Chinese athletes a satisfactory performance.

COFCO will send each Chinese Gold Medal winner a barrel of COFCO wine worth of RMB 300 thousand during the Games, said Mr. Wu Fei, General Manager of COFCO Wine.

As the exclusive wine supplier, COFCO provides wine for 37 gyms and stadiums in 6 sports areas, 200 registered hotels as well as over 80 state heads, thousands of global elites, 300 thousand journalists and 4.5 million audiences from home and abroad. Mr. He Zhenliang, China’s athletic diplomat, said, Great Wall wine steps up onto the Olympic stage on behalf of Chinese domestic wine and will show the world the charm of Chinese wine.

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