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The 100,000 MT Rice Processing Project in Wuchang City Started Production Release Time : 2012-03-20
COFCO Rice (Wuchang) Co., Ltd. started production in Heilongjiang Province on October 11, 2011. Government officials and corporate management attended the ceremony.
Wuchang City of Heilongjiang Province has natural advantages in producing superior quality rice. It is China's high-end rice growing area from long time ago. It is China's largest single-season rice producing base and China's important commercial grain producing base.
COFCO Corporation, with its advantages in capital, tehcnology, management and brand, fully utilizes local resources ,making efforts in building another preium high-end retail-packaged rice brand.
The newly operated company is one of COFCO Corporation's key rice processing projects in Heilongjiang Province. It offers such medium and high end rice as Fortune and Wuhu. Its yearly processing capacity reaches 100,000 MT and its daily processing capacity is 450 MT. It serves rural areas by building partnership with local farmers. Currently it is cooperating with five local cooperatives and the farmland area under contract is about 5000 acres.
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