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COFCO Biochemical & Bioenergy Division Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Luzhou City for Shiliang Project Release Time : 2012-04-06

The Biochemical and Bioenergy Division of COFCO Corporation signed the strategic cooperation agreement with the Jiangyang District Government of Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, for the Shiliang Project.

According to the agreement, COFCO Biochemical and Bioenergy Division would make cash investment in Shiliang Liquor Base to become the controling shareholder. It would improve the value chain of the project. Hi-tech basic liquor project would be developed. This would drive the liquor industry of Luzhou City to develop to a new level.

This also improved the value chain of the edible alcohol business of COFCO Biochemical and Bioenergy Division. Shiliang Liquor Base boosted of natural advantages and experienced experts. The cooperation would facilitate to increase the capacity utilization and upgrade capacities of Shiliang Liquor Base. It would also drive local economy. As a state-owned enterprise, COFCO not only expanded its business but also fulfilled its social responsibility.

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