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Mr. Guoqiang He Visited COFCO Corporation Headquarters and Bottling Plant Release Time : 2012-10-31

Mr. Guoqiang He, senior central party member and government official, visited the headquarters of COFCO Corporation. He also visited the BDA bottling plant. Mr. Frank Ning made the work report covering business model transition, the integrated business model, agricultural financing innovation, market competition, etc. Mr. He gave recognition and encouraged COFCO to take on the social responsibility by strengthening competitiveness.

Established in 1949 when the People’s Republic of China was founded, COFCO Corporation made contribution to the international trade and the opening policy of China. It grew from the trading company to the large corporation integrating trading, industry, financing, information, service and science and technology. It is China’s largest grain, oil and food trader and producer. It explores how a state-owned enterprise develops in a scientific and innovative way.

COFCO Corporation adopts the integrated business model and guarantees good quality and safety from farmland to dining table to build a portfolio of well-known brands. Industrial parks are built to develop synergy. Petty loans are made to support farmers. Its plants adopt advanced technology, process, materials and equipment to improve product quality while saving energy and reducing emission.

COFCO Corporation also does a good job in carrying out the country’s macro-economic policy, guaranteeing market supply, safeguarding grain security and driving growth of rural economy.

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