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Mr. Frank Ning Attended China Grain Security Strategy Summit Release Time : 2013-12-12

Mr. Frank Ning, Chairman of COFCO Corporation, attended China Grain Security Strategy Summit and made the keynote speech on November 23, 2013, which was sponsored by the Development Research Center of the State Council.

The theme of this session was to establish the grain security safeguarding system which was efficient, open and sustainable. Deep discussion was made on the supply and demand and the trend of trade, China’s demand of grain against the backdrop of urbanization and consumption upgrade, China’s sustainable development and its grain production potentials, how China used the international market efficiently, how to promote agricultural development by means of science and technology, how China’s agriculture went to the world, improvement and innovation in China’s grain policy, etc.

As Mr. Frank Ning pointed out in his speech, the grain security could be considered in several aspects. Ration security, grain security or food security. Production security or supply security. Quantity security or quality security. China should be part of the international grain supply system. China should make good use of resources home and abroad, set up the systemic safeguarding system and solve grain security problems in an open view. Enterprises should also play an important role. COFCO Corporation came up with the business integration strategy. Critical links of the value chain were integrated, the international market and the home market were connected, and the whole chain from farmland to dining table was pieced together.

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