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Mr. Frank Ning Presided over Third Session of ABAC for 2014 Release Time : 2014-08-11

Mr. Frank Ning, Chairman of COFCO Corporation, presided over the third session of ABAC in Seattle, US, from 7 to 10 of July, 2014.
This session was convened to examine and discuss policy advisory reports submitted by top leaders of the 21 member economies of APEC and topics by representatives of the working teams. Mr. Frank Ning came up with his guiding opinions and led the whole team finishing the draft version. He also made the opening speech for the APEC CEO Sino-US Forum and was invited to the first symposium, giving his opinions on the three prioritized topics of the APEC China Conference for 2014 and their influence on economic development of China and the Asian-Pacific region from the perspective of industry and business.

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