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COFCO Chairman Frank Ning among Fortune’s 2015 “China’s 50 Most Influential Business Leaders” Release Time : 2015-05-18

On April 10, Fortune magazine (Chinese edition) released its list of 2015 “China’s 50 most influential business leaders”, which included COFCO Group Chairman Frank Ning.

In 2014, COFCO Group’s takeovers of Netherland-based Nidera Group and Hong Kong-based Noble Agri Limited became two of the largest overseas investment deals in China’s agricultural field. In the same year, COFCO also completed the restructuring of Huafu Group, a state-run grain trading company which is mainly responsible for the management of central reserve sugar and reserve meat. According to Mr. Frank Ning, COFCO basically finished building its whole industrial value chain upon its completion of a series of takeovers, positioning itself at a new starting point filled with new challenges and opportunities. In the future, COFCO Group will further straighten out industrial logic, business structure, and innovative model, enhance integration, raise the level of management, improve efficiency, and reduce cost so as to build a truly diversified global agricultural, grains, oil and foods business with wholly integrated value chain, making contribution to the prosperity and stability of the world’s grain market.

The list of “China’s 50 most influential business leaders” is an annual ranking released by Fortune (Chinese edition), which assesses business scale, industry prospect, and personal quality of entrepreneurs. Nominated entrepreneurs have great impact on China’s economy.

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