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COFCO has consecutively entered the Fortune Global 500 for 23 years, ranks NO. 121 and jumps the most. Release Time : 2016-07-27

On July 20th evening Beijing time, the American magazine Fortune released the 2016 Global 500 ranking list. COFCO has consecutively entered the Fortune Global 500 for 23 years, jumps from No.272 last year to No.121 this year and is the fastest rising Chinese enterprise.


In the ranking list released this year, the world four main grain dealers ADM, Louis Dreyfus and Bunge respectively ranks No. 112, No.157 and No. 214. Among the world agricultural and food enterprises, COFCO’s ranking is only after ADM and its position in the industry has been rapidly increased.


In 2015, COFCO regrouped with Huafu Group and completed the deal of purchasing Noble Agri., its assets and organizations have covered more than 140 countries and regions with more than 15,000 overseas employees. COFCO has improved the capacity of overall planning and utilizing “two markets and two kinds of resources” and has further consolidated its strength and position as an international grain dealer.


At present, COFCO’s total asset has exceeded USD 71.9 billion, with global storage capacity of 31 million tons, annual business volume of 150 million tons, annual processing capacity of 89.5 million tons, and annual port transit capacity of 65 million tons. It has the global production and procurement platform and trade network with regard to planting, procurement, storage, logistics and ports.


Fortune Global 500 ranking list has always been the most famous and authoritative list to evaluate global magnate enterprises and it is honored as the “Ultimate List” that is only published by Fortune magazine once a year. The shortlisted Chinese enterprises consistently remain the strong growth momentum and the total number of Chinese enterprises that enters the list this year achieves to 110, five more than last year.


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