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101st China Food & Drinks Fair Successfully Hosted by COFCO Corporation Release Time : 2019-11-01
On October 24-26, 2019, the 101st China Food & Drinks Fair (hereinafter referred to as “China Food & Drinks Fair”) was held in Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center. Corporation Party secretary and Chairman Lv Jun and Mayor of Tianjin Zhang Guoqing jointly inaugurated the 101st China Food & Drinks Fair.

As noted by Tianjin deputy mayor Jin Xiangjun in his address, China Food & Drinks Fair, which has been held for over 100 times, is the industry’s most renowned professional fair with extensive influence at home and abroad. As the beginning of new upcoming “one hundred fairs”, the 101st Fair is believed to further activate Tianjin’s inherent genes for commerce and opening-up and instill vigor and vitality into the city. He sincerely expected and welcomed Fair participants to grasp the favorable opportunity to profoundly feel the underlying reality and charm of Tianjin in the new era, personally join the surging current of starting and developing enterprises, and team up to seek a bright future.  

As indicated by Deputy Secretary of Corporation leading Party members’ group and President Yu Xubo, the successful convocation of China Food & Drinks Fair is another effective step taken by COFCO Corporation and Tianjin to carry out all-round extensive and in-depth cooperation in multiple fields such as G&O, food and real property under the framework agreement of comprehensive strategic cooperation reached by two sides. He sincerely hoped that friends from all walks of life would take this opportunity to conduct thorough exchange, communicate with each other, enhance understanding, step up cooperation and join hands to promote the healthy growth of the industry. He also sincerely hoped that the open platform and vast stage provided by the China Food & Drink Fair can help more enterprises grow strong and realize their dreams.   

After the opening ceremony, Yu Xubo accompanied Mayor Zhang Guoqing, former Minister of Internal Trade Chen Bangzhu, former Vice Minister of Commerce Zhang Zhigang, President of China General Chamber of Commerce (CGCC) Jiang Ming and other leaders to visit the booths of exhibitors. At this year’s China Food & Drinks Fair, a dedicated zone for poverty alleviation has been set up for the first time to help farmers, giving full play to systematic industrial advantages of COFCO Corporation as a leading agricultural enterprise. Enterprises from poverty-stricken regions have been actively guided and assisted to participate in the Fair. Special publicity and promotional events such as business presentations, product sampling and interaction, and business negotiations have been held for enterprises from poverty-stricken regions to create business opportunities and further explore and develop poverty relief and alleviation work system with “poverty-alleviation through industry development” as the core.

COFCO Corporation’s products and brands also participated in the Fair. COFCO Sugar exhibited its branded small packaged sugar, lycopene, ketchup, sauce, beverages and forest fruits; COFCO Wines and Spirits showcased its Greatwall Wine, Jiugui Liquor, foreign wines imported by Wine & Wine; China Tea presented an array of brands including China Tea Life and Sundry. Through multimedia interactions, product exhibitions and one-on-one business negotiations, these specialized companies fully demonstrated COFCO Corporation’s brand image, products and services, garnering widespread favor among general consumers.

This year’s China Food & Drinks Fair attracted over 2,600 businesses engaged in food, drinks, condiments, and relevant industry technology and services from over 40 countries. “Tianjin Exhibition Zone” was specially set up at the Fair. A great variety of events and programs were held such as “China Dream at the Tip of the Tongue” key forum of 101st China Food & Drinks Fair, “Happy Buying of Global Foods” and one day tour of Tianjin’s food enterprises and food industry.

Hosted by COFCO Corporation’s COFCO Sugar, China Food & Drinks Fair is a large-scale comprehensive exhibition with profound impact in China’s food and drinks industry. Since its inception in 1955, China Food & Drinks Fair has served food and drinks industries of different historical periods and witnessed and promoted the development of many enterprises in the industry. As of March 2019, the China Food & Drink Fair has been successfully held for 100 times. Acclaimed as the bellwether of food industry, the barometer of liquor industry, and the national team of industry exhibitions, it has been listed by the Ministry of Commerce as exhibitions that receive guidance and support for many consecutive years.  

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