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COFCO International is awarded, for the third consecutive time, as one of the best companies in Brazil in people management Release Time : 2020-12-09
Research conducted by Mercer Consulting and Valor Econômico newspaper evaluated the level of employee engagement and the company's organizational prosperity


COFCO International was awarded, for the third consecutive time, as one of the best companies in Brazil in people management. The survey, conducted by Consultancy Mercer and the newspaper Valor Econômico (Valor Career 2020 - The Best in People Management), was carried out throughout Brazil and divided the companies into 7 categories. COFCO ranked 4th in the category of 7,001 to 17,000 employees, with engagement levels of 93% and organizational prosperity of 86%.


Employees recognized COFCO International as a company that has strategic people management actions that make it one of the best companies to work for in Brazil. 95% said they fit well in the company, the same percentage of those who also admitted that the company has a genuine interest in their well-being and in the community where it operates. 95% is also the number of employees stating that COFCO International responds effectively to changes in the business environment.


The company's leaderships were also well evaluated, with 94% of employees saying that they are treated with respect and dignity by their immediate managers. Inside or outside the workplace, 93% admitted that COFCO International creates an environment that supports the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. The research helped to ratify the great moment the company is experiencing in Brazil, in addition to consolidating the engagement, unity and strength of its team.

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