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COFCO Corporation Named as One of “Most Admired Chinese Companies” for 12 Consecutive Years Release Time : 2021-12-02

On October 26, 2021, COFCO Corporation grabbed 28th place on the list of “Most Admired Chinese Companies for 2021” announced by Fortune magazine’s China edition, making to the list for twelve years in a row.  
Fortune magazine’s China edition partnered with Korn Ferry to shortlist a total of 455 renowned enterprises as candidates which were rated on attributes including management quality, product and service quality, innovation capability, value of long-term investment, financial status, ability to attract and retain talents, Corporate Social Responsibility, and effectiveness of global operation. Fifty companies with the top comprehensive scores were selected for the list of “Most Admired Chinese Companies”.   

As a major international agri-product merchant with global presence, COFCO Corporation has continually strived for high quality development over the years, becoming a leading force in maintaining the stability of global grain supply chain. In 2020, faced with complicated internal and external environment compounded by the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, international agri-product market full of sharp swings, and clogged and stagnated grain supply chain, COFCO Corporation achieved growth against the trend in terms of overall performance, registering over 530 billion Yuan of annual revenue and over 20 billion Yuan of total profits. Notably, its core business of agri-products posted record profits of over 10 billion Yuan, surpassing its year-on-year growth, budget and past performance.


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