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COFCO Trade Group Signed Record-high Purchase Deals at the 4th International Export Expo Release Time : 2021-12-02
On November 6, COFCO Corporation’s trade group clinched agri-products purchase deals worth more than $10 billion, representing nearly 100% increase from last year’s expo. COFCO Corporation teamed up with global upstream and downstream agri-products supply chain partners to jointly tackle risks and challenges posed by the pandemic, share China market opportunities, and safeguard the stability and prosperity of global agri-products value chain and supply chain.     

In terms of traditional agri-products, COFCO Corporation has further expanded upstream resources for oils and oilseeds by signing deals to import soybeans from Brazil, rapeseed oil from Russia, palm oil from Indonesia, soybean oil from Argentina, and sunflower oil from Ukraine. In order to bring premium quality dumpling flour, bread flour and noodles with more unique flavors to Chinese people’s dining table, COFCO Corporation imports wheat of different flavors from more production regions around the world as well as products such as corn, rice, barley and sorghum from various countries to the domestic market.   

Besides importing quality agri-products from major traditional exporters of agri-products, COFCO Corporation has set its sight on countries including France, Spain, Holland and Kazakhstan with special emphasis on countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, specifically increasing the import of premium specialty agri-products and foods.   

Against the backdrop of China’s continuous upgrade of consumption structure, COFCO Corporation has stepped up the import of high-end foods and beverages by signing strategic cooperation agreements again with Spanish Faustino Group and French Chateau de Viaud to import top wine and introducing delicacies such as Turkish roast hazelnut and Cambodian cashew as well as quality dairy products such as infant formula milk powder, organic milk, cheese and butter from New Zealand and Denmark to better meet consumers’ needs for better life.

Leveraging the platform of International Import Expo, COFCO Corporation has adopted an active and open attitude, constantly expanded its “buddy list” for cooperation, and continued to increase import to bring more quality foods to Chinese people’s dining table, facilitate the international trade of agro-grains, and advance the building of a more resilient global grain system.   
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